The key to exponential wealth is the ability to multiply yourself, the ability to multiply your time. This is called the LAW OF LEVERAGE. This is the secret that all multi-millionaires use. Elias Muhoozi is one such man, who found his way through doing business with Alliance in Motion Global to becoming the top paid man in his industry in the whole East, Central and Southern Africa.


They say, “being broke is hard,achieving success is hard too. So you have to chose the hard way.” Elias, a 27-year old businessman, chose the latter and this is what he had to say 18 months later.

“If you are out there despairing over an unfair life, I bet you have to reconsider your thoughts. By the time I joined Alliance In Motion Global, I was jobless. In a period of one and a half years, I have achieved alot that I believe would have taken me years if it had not been because of Alliance In Motion Global. Am financially free, bought losts of land, got myself a brand new Mercedes Benz within 11 months and currently building apartments.fb_img_1479040520202

Alliance In Motion Global has given me an opportunity to travel to different parts of the world. Today, the money I make in one day is many peoeple’s salary. I have developed a very strong network with training centres all over the country. I have helped over 70 young people make over a hundred thousand shillings($1000) per week and 10 of them buying their first cars in just 1 year. My business has expanded to countries like Kenya,Tanzania,Rwanda,Zambia and Congo. My biggest passion is to support young people reach their dreams in this currently poverty stricken country, enhanced with unemployment. My life is improving daily and am getting closer to my dreams. am looking forward to starting an orphanage so I may be in a position to extend a helping hand to the helpless children in the near future. I want to own a private jet, build for my future wife and children a big house on 3 acres of land with 2 swimming pools such that when it rains we can still swim from inside and when it’s shinning we can stiill swim from outside. My next cars are a landcruiser v8 and a BMW x6. If it took me less time to paint and build a future I have always desired, you too can do it if you chose to start now. YOU ARE THE NEXT!!!”fb_img_1479074009889

Zig Zigglar says that, if you want to become successful, help as many people as possible achieve their dreams in life. Elias has couched and mentored several individuals to become millionaires and achieve some of their dreams so far. Here are some of the gentlemen who have succeeded because Elias said YES to AIM GLOBAL opportunity.fb_img_1479074001024Nelson is actually a student in Uganda but already driving a car barely a year after starting the AIM Global business. Kudos to his hardwork. While some students sleep hungry, he can afford even epensive hotels in town.fb_img_1479042903584The business has also attracted some famous celebrities in the continent including Nwanko Kanu. The business continues to touch lives and even assist in charity courses like the Kanu heart foundation, in patnership with our own ALIVE Foundation.fb_img_1479073899945Even this great nigerian nollywood actor could not be left out in this global movement. He wishes he were younger to do the business for even longer time like most young people do.fb_img_1478972744088Other Nigerian big time achievers with the opportunity include the folowing.fb_img_1478972672386fb_img_1478972693788fb_img_1478972723929fb_img_1479039445215The business was recently launched in kenya and we already have a number of millionaires among us just within less than 9 months. My story wouldn’t be complete before I bring to you one of our top earners in kenya, Mr. Harrison Mwandawiro, Global Ambassador and member of the Millionaire Circle.fb_img_1479043008262The only difference between you and them is time. It’s not too late to start. It does not matter how busy you are, how learned you are or where you are located. Contact us, get trained, start, get coached, put action and be the next MILLIONAIRE we are going to celebrate you amidst us.fb_img_1479038703353If you would like to be a millionaire and more like these ordinary people turned extraordinary, contact me via whatsapp/call on +254 717726425 to book an appointment for training on how you can start the business. Our goal as a team is to have 100 millionaires amidst us by december 2017. Will you be part? Like my Facebook page

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